Anikan the Cat

Wasn't I just the cutest fuzz-ball of a kitten you've ever seen?  This is soon after I was found wandering the dark neighborhood at 1:30am one June evening. 

They thought I was lost, put up posters and everything...but no one ever claimed me. 

I was named Anikan after the Star Wars character; it works, too, since I'm a Ragdoll cat, and as you'll see by the pictures below, Ragdolls grow darker as they age....I'm well on my way to progressing towards the "dark side". 

(Mommy-cat thought I was a girl and had named me Anna, and when she found out I was a boy needed a name that sounded like Anna)

It was great finding a home...but sister-cat Laura keeps dressing me in doll clothes and tucking me into bed.  And while I do dearly love to nap, I want to do it on MY terms, not anyone elses. 

Grrr...I hate being tucked into bed.  Make it stop!  Make it stop!

 Cat nip...does anyone have just a little more cat nip?  Please??  It helps me deal with sister-cat Laura!

Just a little more cat nip...I promise I'll stop!  Really I will!


Too much cat nip...please make the room stop spinning!  Oh my head hurts!

Please everyone...please be as quiet as you can.  I don't feel so good.

Help!  I'm being SMOOSHED!  I'm in another hostage situation!  Send the troops!  I've been captured by sister-cat again!
What was that?  Was that the rescue helicopter I hear?!?!?

My life is a series of hostage situations momentarily interrupted by naps.

Sister-cat is trying to teach me to play chess.  After staring at the board for awhile, I'll sometimes lift a paw towards one of the pieces, but then I change my mind and take a nap.
Well, ok...see, cousin-cat Conor got a baby swing, and it was in my house for awhile.  And he looked like he was having so much fun swinging, that when no one was looking I climbed in...then Mommy-cat caught me and took this picture.  She didn't seem to object, so whenever the baby wasn't in the swing, I took the opportunity to jump in.  I'd meow till someone wound it up, then I'd go for a ride!
How do I keep my youthful figure?  I do sit up's, of course!
Oops...remember at the top of the page when I said I hated to be tucked in?  Well, daddy-cat put a blanket on me, and an hour and a half later wandered by and I was still napping happily under the nice warm blankie.  Hey, it's been a long day!  I needed my beauty sleep!

Mommy-cat is a quilter, and when I was a little kitten I liked to climb up and lay down on the hoop as she was quilting.  I haven't done it since I was just a wee-little guy.  But just the other night I decided to do it again, since I didn't think she was paying enough attention to me!  I don't fit onto the hoop as nicely as before, though!

There is one more picture of me harassing her while she works on the page about this particular quilt.

My favorite place in the whole house to nap is in the sewing room, on top of a 3-drawer cabinet where these unfinished quilt blocks are.  They make a nice pillow, and whenever I wake up, I can easily look out the window.  This...THIS is true cat-happiness!
I don't know why Daddy-cat gets so excited when one of these boxes arrives...doesn't seem so exciting to me!


And now, I bow in appreciation as you return to the hostage-family page!