Anikan--Sewing "Assistant"

Usually I settle onto my favorite pile of fabric, but sometimes I just have to get up and see what Mommy-cat is doing, and offer suggestions.

For instance, she's been working on that blue and white thing for a long time.  She finally got 4 blocks done, as shown, and thought I'd see what about it could have taken so long. Evidently, she needs to make 30 of those things!

When Mommy Cat isn't looking, I jump up on this balance beam often has a wonderful warm spot that I want to sleep on.  But she always makes me get down off of it.  She's no fun.

Mommy Cat was "tying" this puppy quilt, and it just looked too snuggly.  So I jumped up to watch.

But she didn't like me being on the quilt and chased me away.

But you know, such things NEVER work with a cat.  She turned around, and I jumped right back up.  I WIN!
The quilting room is full of wonderful toys, though rarely does she let me play with them.  I especially like this toy that hangs down just within my reach.
Hey Mom...why are you throwing away those little pieces of fabric?  I bet you could use them if you got creative! 
After I've driven Mommy cat crazy, I know I've done my job and can jump back up on my perch, groom myself, and prepare for my next nap.