We have two very spoiled cats.


Anikan, as far as we can tell, is a Ragdoll. Being a nearly-starved 5-week-old stray kitten when found, it's hard to know for sure what he is. But, from all the research we've done, we believe him to be mostly a Ragdoll.

On occasion, Laura has dressed the cat up for pictures. Here he is scowling for the camera in what I call "Aloha Kitty".


Keira is the new addition, and is an American Shorthair. Or a ferret. She has the funniest run and "hunched pounce" I've ever seen. She weighs about four pounds but has the heart of a mountain lion.

Twelve-pound Anikan tends to cower and leave Keira to all the spoils when she challenges him.

It's given her delusions of grandeur.

Keira tends to photograph like a gangster. We often joke that she needs a little brown derby hat to finish off the look.