20 Year High School Reunion Picnic

We decided that rather than going to the official, formal reunion event, that we'd all get together with our families for a picnic!  Edie found a park in St. Louis Park, reserved the building for us, and we were all set!  We had a beautiful late-July day, and a large park for the kids to play at.

Here is the group of us.  Left-to-right is Heidi, Lisa, Mary, Edie, Cindy, Pam and Kelly.  A few others missed the picnic.

Edie and her family.

Kelly and her family came up from Iowa.

Mary and her family.

Lisa and her family came down from North Dakota.

Kelly's daughter Pearl and Laura have always gotten along wonderfully, and while it had been several years since they'd last seen each other, they picked right up where they left off and spent the day together.