Looking for Prom Dresses - March, 2007


Here is the first dress. We found it last fall while looking for a Homecoming dress.

This was a great dress, but we didn't buy it.

And now, of course, we can't find it.

So, we went shopping for a new option.



Here was another choice.

It was a very pretty dress, and Laura fell in love with it.

It became the "if we dont' find the first dress, let's get this one!"


Here was my favorite of the dresses so far, but it had more of a "homecoming" dress feel versus a "prom" dress feel.

But it was my first vote until we found the black one, below.


This picture does not do this dress justice.

I'll be getting a different picture soon.

But...once she put this dress on, it was obvious that this was THE dress.

It's stunning in person, and is a fairly versatile dress, too.

So, this was the one! I had to give several thoughts to the price tag, but was extra happy when it rang up as being on sale at a pretty decent discount. WHEW!

And, she already has shoes and jewelry to match, so no extra purchases are required, as would have been required for the green or maroon dresses above.

Even though this dress is stunning, we both admit to being hesitant when we put our respective favorites (for me the green, for Laura the maroon) back on the rack :)