Prairie Flowers -- 2001

This year marks the return of my annual Prairie Flower Photography Trips!  On July 5-6, 2001, I went to Flandrau and Blue Mounds State Parks in southwestern Minnesota.

There are several pages of pictures...keep going, some of the best are saved for last.

The wild roses were blooming by the thousands.  These were at Flandrau State Park.

Prairie Smoke is one of my favorite plants.  It was very windy, so this one is even more windblown than it looks!

A nice view with prairie smoke in the foreground, some wild roses near the rock in the center, an looking off the bluff into the distance.

Butterfly Weed on the prairie at Flandrau. 

The three stages of a Goatsbeard plant - Prebloom, bloom, and puffball stage.  All on one plant!

The other day, Jamie was talking about "those blow things - you know, you make a wish but they never come true?"  This is what she meant by a "blow thing".  I love how kids see things!

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