And now for a more free-flowing selection of pictures.  We scanned in over 50 more of our Hawaii pictures, with links and descriptions below.   Since these pictures are larger (20-50K range) than the original ones, I'm just making links to help with load-time.  Hope you enjoy!

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H98_33.jpg - View from the hike at Kilauea Lighthouse; this view is looking south from the lighthouse, from up on a hill.  The only way to get to the beaches below is by kayak.  This view shows the shape of an ancient crater.  (67KB)

H98_32.jpg - A beautiful view of the Kilauea Lighthouse itself; this view is only available while taking the morning hike at the nature preserve. (82KB)

H98_35.jpg - Ke'e Beach, the end of the road on the east side of the island.  You can see the Na Pali Coast.  (63KB)

H98_36.jpg - Another view from Ke'e Beach, this time looking out towards the ocean. (74KB)

H98_31.jpg - A beautiful view of Polihale Beach, as far as you can drive on the west side of the island.  (37KB)

H98_07.jpg - View of the west side of the Waimea Canyon Road.  We found an unmarked but paved road that went to the west of the main road.  It went deeper down towards the ocean and brought us to a lovely overlook at more rugged red-rock canyons. (27KB)

H98_08.jpg - Another view of the red-rock canyon on the west side of Kauai and west of the main Waimea Canyon. (28KB)

H98_17.jpg - A view of Lydgate State Park, where we first snorkeled.  The rock-enclosed cove towards the left of the picture is great for learning to snorkel.  (43KB)

H98_18.jpg - Another view of Lydgate, facing down the beach.  (59KB)

H98_19.jpg - A picture of Ray at the Lydgate Beach.  I seem to have this thing about getting my head-shadow across people's stomachs! (36KB)

H98_28.jpg - Spouting Horn, on the south shore (53KB)

H98_29.jpg - Another picture of Spouting Horn (41KB)

H98_30.jpg - A view into Waimea Canyon (27KB)

H98_39.jpg - Palm Trees! (78KB)

H98_48.jpg - A rainbow over the Na Pali Coast (75KB)

Sunsets on Kauai:

H98_12.jpg - A sunset from the Waimea Canyon road. (29KB)

H98_13.jpg - A sunset view of clouds (34KB)

H98_14.jpg - One of my favorites - a sunset over Waimea Beach with palm trees (43KB)

H98_15.jpg - Another sunset shot from the same beach (25KB)

H98_37.jpg - A sunset from one of the last beaches on the east side (42KB)

H98_38.jpg - Sunset at Ke'e Beach (22KB)

H98_43.jpg - Sunset over the Na Pali Coast (50KB)

The Big Island:

H98_40.jpg - View of Moana Loa on the Big Island.  This particular cloud formation was there all day, and was very narrow.  (36KB)

H98_41.jpg - View of Kilauea Caldera in Volcanoes National Park (48KB)

H98_42.jpg - Sulfar at Volcanoes National Park, Kilauea Caldera (65KB)


H98_20.jpg - A view along the Likelike Highway between Honolulu and Kailua.  (41KB)

H98_22.jpg - A beautiful view of the Kaneohe Valley (I think) (45KB)

H98_21.jpg - A view of the Kaneohe Beach Park area (I think) (41KB)

H98_23.jpg - A beautiful mountain (41KB)

H98_24.jpg - Chinaman's Hat (a small island) and palm trees (66KB)

H98_25.jpg - Water crashing into the shore just to the right of the Blow Hole, on the southeast shore of the island. (52KB)

H98_26.jpg - Cindy in front of a Banyan tree.  (32KB)

H98_27.jpg - Cindy refers to this as her  "Mood Picture".  This was taken at sunset as a storm crossed over the island and headed out to see, with the full moon rising over my shoulder. This picture doesn't capture the intensity of the setting.  (34KB)

Flowers, Fish and Birds:

H98_44.jpg - A pretty pink flower (39KB)

H98_49.jpg - A juvenile Blue Footed Booby (52KB)

H98_50.jpg - A sandpiper-type bird (56KB)

H98_53.jpg - A mad-looking bird (39KB)

H98_51.jpg - CHICKENS! There were chickens everywhere!

H98_52.jpg - And little baby chickens, too (53KB)

H98_54.jpg - A cardinal of some sort (my book is not handy for the official identification) (34KB)

H98_58.jpg - A Triggerfish.   Snorkeling was a lot of fun.  But this little fish is very aggressive! (42KB)

H98_62.jpg - You can see two tropical fish in this one. (22KB)