Cindy's Garden 2001 - Baby Killdeer!
Hatched July 8, 2001

A nice little nature lesson, watching a nest for many weeks, then as the eggs hatched in pairs, then the little babies running around the yard learning what a killdeer does to survive.  Here are some pictures of the little fuzzballs.

Here they are the night before.  Two had hatched, the other two were still inside their eggs. Next morning, all 4 were snuggled into a bundle here in the nest.

By early afternoon, they had moved from the nest into the cover of the tomato plants in the vegetable garden. This picture shows one of the parents, and there are also 2 babies somewhere. Two babies can be seen in this picture.  One is on the far right.  The other is near the left side. Look how small they are! 

There is a baby behind the parent, hiding in the grass on the right.

One of the parents ran into the garden and did the "broken wing" display to distract me away from the babies.

This one got separated from the other babies, and would run for 6 inches or so, then disappear into the grass, but then get scared and jump up and run again, tripping in the grass! 

I watched from inside the house for quite awhile.  It appeared that the parents were teaching the babies to hide, as first the parent would lay still in the grass, then the babies would do it.  These pictures show the lessons as they progressed.

In each picture are at least one of the  babies and a parent.  Sorta a "Where's Waldo" game!

All of these pictures were taken from inside the house, so as not to disturb the birds.  

In the very last picture at the bottom is a baby and a leaf...and the leaf is so much bigger than the baby!