Laura and the Cat and a Rug Hook Project
June, 2001

Laura has decided to complete this Orca rug hook project in time to enter into the County Fair.  She was busy working on it. Of course, the cat just can't stand not having attention, so he JUMPED right into the middle and startled Laura while she worked.

The cat must have seen Laura referring to the color chart, and wanted to see what was up...

...and under!  But he just didn't seem to understand what was so interesting about this paper to Laura.

Anikan also just can't seem to deal with the process itself - he keeps crawling under the canvas while she's trying to work! See that little ear picking out?  That is the cat laying on his tummy under the canvas.  He seems to think it's comfortable!

The cat wins!  She stopped working on her project and started playing peek-a-boo with the cat, just like he wanted!  Here he is, tagging her head. The next round was a draw.

They moved from the chair to the doorway.  Anikan tagged her head when she gave up and poked her head around the corner.  The cat wins!