Florida 1998

The third-annual Mother-Daughter trip to Orlando and environs

This year we stuck closer to Orlando, due to a shorter vacation.  We still did Magic Kingdom and Sea World, Clearwater Beach and the Atlantic.  This year we also went to Kennedy Space Center, just two weeks before the "John Glenn Shuttle Launch".

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We took two "Behind the Scenes" tours.   One was to learn about the endangered and injured animals in Southern Florida that Sea World helps.  We even saw a baby Manatee!

The second tour we took was about arctic animals.
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We went to Kennedy Space Center and spent a few hours touring and looking at the history of the space program.

On the horizon is one of the launch pads.  Just to the left of that one is the space shuttle up on its launch pad. Two weeks from the time this photo was taken, John Glenn went up into space again!
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Atlantic Coast
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Clearwater Beach
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