Florida 2004

The Eighth-annual Mother-Daughter trip to Orlando and environs

This was the best trip we've ever taken! We got along wonderfully, and had a great time.

Here is Laura relaxing at Discovery Cove before heading off to snorkel with the tropical fish.

This picture was taken from the Tomorrowland Tramway at sunset.

After our day at Discovery Cove, we went to Downtown Disney and Laura got her hairwrap.

Then we went to see a movie (Surviving Christmas) then wandered the shops.

The shops were playing songs from Disney movies, and we started to have fun quietly singing along.

We found the CDs for sale, and bought them. When we got back to the car, we wanted to listen to the CDs so we drove around the Disney World property, and ended up going into the parking lot at Epcot at around midnight.

It felt really weird but kinda fun to be there in the parking lot so late and so long after the park had closed.