Florida 2005

The Ninth-annual Mother-Daughter trip to Orlando and environs

Well, this trip was certainly interesting! Hurrican Wilma was slowly making her way from the area of Cancun, Mexico, across the Gulf, and towards south Florida. So, the entire week that we were in Orlando, the temperatures were in the upper 80's and so was the humidity. It was incredibly STICKY!

And, we had the "fun" of taking off from Orlando the morning that Hurricane Wilma came ashore in south Florida. We had high wind, heavy rain and a bumpy take-off. But all went well, and now we can say we experienced a hurricane.

It's the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland in California. In commemoration, Sleeping Beauty's castle in Orlando was decorated in gold ornamentation. My favorite part is Peter Pan and Wendy, flying hear the top. A close-up is below.


A close-up of Wendy and Peter Pan flying around the top spire of the castle.

During three different evenings during our trip, Laura and I went to Downtown Disney. Twice we ate at Planet Hollywood, and this photo was taken from the balcony overlooking the AMC Movie Theaters (this year we saw "North Country" on our annual movie-night-at-Downtown-Disney). The clouds are early bands from Wilma.

Laura was excited to go to the "Great Britain" portion of EPCOT's World Showcase. She mostly wanted to go to the shop that carries lots of Beatle merchandise :)

But, here she is posing in the phonebooth.

This is after "The Incident" where she meant to get a hair trim and lost about 80% of the length of her hair.

Ahhhh.........my favorite day of the trip!

Here are my feet, laying on the lounge chair, under a large umbrella, beside a palm tree, under the Florida skies in the sunshine.

I napped, and read...swam a little...napped, read, read some more, napped a bit more....