Assorted Photos of Laura

In Colorado blending in with the wildflowers.

The dreaded "Hair" picture. The "look" resulted from the hours upon hours, day after day, that she spent in chlorine pools. Her hair was actually crunchy! It would stick out in every direction. I've honored her request to take this photo off of the front page of the website...but I wanted it somewhere :)


This picture won't look nearly as fun as the situation that created it! Laura loved the movie "Signs" and we watched it many times. We loved the scene with the foil hats (to distrupt the aliens' communication signals). Laura made herself a hat to wear while watching the movie, and I managed to snap a picture at the same time that the scene was on-screen! She and her friends were also at Pizza Hut making these hats, and other diners asked for some so they made hats for the other diners!