2008 Minnesota Quilters's Challenge

Each year in association with the annual Minnesota Quilter's Show and Conference, a Challenge is issued.

Participants purchase a packet of fabric and follow the rules within the packet.

This year was the 30th anniversary of Minnesota Quilters. The theme was "Anniversary or Jewels".

I used the fabrics within the packet to create a scene with 3 oysters (one for each decade). Each oyster has a strand of 10-pearls each (one for each year within the decade).

One of the fabrics has the small circles which were individually cut out to make each of the 30 pearls. The packet also included a baggie full of beads, crystals and other "sparkly dangles" to add to the piece.

This wallhanging won first place in the voting, so I won a ribbon and prize money. I also donated it to the Small Quilt Auction and the final bid was $256! I gratefully thank everyone who voted for this piece and also for the wonderful bid at Auction! (I do not receive the auction money - all proceeds from the auction belong to Minneosta Quilters.