Guinea Fowl Construction Process - Page One

When Laura and I were at Discovery Cove in Orlando, we spent time in the Aviary and were introduced to some "Vulterine Guinea Fowl", which were described to us as being like an "African Chicken".  I was so entranced by their colors and odd combination of blue-vulture head, bright blue peacock-like feathers, and what is nearly a brown fur around their heads that I decided to try to make some fabric versions.

There are four different bird-poses that I am doing.  This is step one, where I have the birds themselves nearly done (I still need to do the brown "fur" around their heads).  The next step will be to make a background for them that is lush and tropical.  All of the "white" fabric behind the birds will be cut away before the project is completed.

Here is my version of the photo below, which I found on the internet.

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