Darien's Stars: A Restoration Project

This is an old quilt top, made by the grandmother of a friend; she'd kept this top and several others, waiting for someone who could hand quilt it for her.

I began work on quilting this in December, 2000, and finished on March 17, 2001.

Darien provided the following information, which is now included on the label on the quilt:

"In Loving Memory of Willie Carol Clements Campbell 1905 - 1987 Made in the 1980's from scraps  from her old dresses. She started it for Darien Terrell but was never able to finish it. Purple use to be Darien's favorite color."

The quilt is now back with it's owner, and hopefully has a century or two of life left in it.

This photo shows the quilting pattern.  The pattern name is Julia Ward Howe.  For the larger green areas, I used the full block design.  For the smaller green areas, I pulled the circular design from the center and used it alone to fill the small squares.

This photo shows the quilting of the stars.  I chose a simple 1/4" shadow quilting.

Here is detail of the border quilting.  The bottom edge of the quilt is narrower than the side edges, so I used only the center portion of the border design.  

A larger picture showing more of the borders.  This full side is now complete, along with about 1/3 of the bottom border.