Lost in a Daydream

This year at the Minnesota Quilter's annual show, I took three classes.

This wallhanging combines those three classes.

The first was using paintsticks, which is how the dragonflies, butterflies, swirls and stars were created.

The second class was Thread Calligraphy, which is how the words were produced.

The third class was an applique class for the Fairie design.

One last thing I need to do is make a silk ribbon rose to cover the "pointy" spot on the cloud where I accidently cut the cloud edge off.

Then in August I took several machine quilting classes in Duluth, and the background of this project is heavily quilted using a technique I learned in those classes.

This detail shows the Thread Calligraphy, paintstick embellishments, and the background quilting.

Another detail.

Thanks to Linda M. Poole, the designer of the Fairie pattern, for drawing the Fairie Face!