Frolicking Flying Fishes!
Design Process Page One

This is a current project, based again on the book "Free-Style Quilts" by Susan Carlson. The vision for this wallhanging is one of Flying Fish jumping through a beautiful star-filled tropical night-time sky.  Below are pictures of the project as it is evolving.

I browsed many websites to obtain pictures and drawings of Flying Fish, then used a projector to enlarge them and develop patterns to use to create my Flying Fish. 

This picture shows the resulting patterns that I drew from the photographs of Flying Fish that I found.

Here is a full photo of the current central layout.

I want to give the impression of the Flying Fish just having fun under the moon.  I wanted to show various distances, thus the dark, silhouetted fish that is supposed to be outside of the moonbeam.


This will be the main field of the wallhanging, but I want the bottom to suggest the ocean surface, and perhaps one side hinting at the tropical location that I have in mind.

I think I'll need to add more, and smaller, dark fish to help fill the field and give a better sense of depth.

This is a closer view of the largest of the flying fish. 

And an even closer view.  The eye is actually part of a flower, and I hand-drew the mouth to make it stand out.

This one is supposed to have just lept out of the water, and beginning his "flight".

A closer view of the middle-sized Flying Fish.  This fish is supposed to be on the tail-end of his "flight" and heading back into the water.

A more detailed photo of the middle-sized fish.  

A closer view of the project.

Next step is to decide upon the edges and how to imply ocean and some tropical colors while sticking to the magical night theme.

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