Frolicking Flying Fishes!
Design Process Page Two

As a reminder, this is the photo of the original project. 

The next morning, I made two more dark fishies, smaller than this one, to give further illusion of depth.  However, I really wasn't happy with the layout.  The dark fish seen here was just too large. 

I made a third collage-fish, using the large dark one as a guide.  Then I experimented with placement of the dark fishes.  I think I'll have the large one emerging from the bottom of the scene, as if he's about to jump out of the water that will be added later.

I also turned the background fabric to be horizontal.


...but I wasn't happy with the way the fabric looked with the patterns running vertically down the background fabric, so again turned it and rearranged the fishes again to fit.

I also moved the large dark fish to the bottom left.

I'm still trying to decide...I'm thinking at this point that the large dark fish unbalances the scene, and he may get removed.


Here is a detail photo of the newest fish.

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