A Garden of Stars

This quilt was so much trouble!

It started as a "Monthly Mystery" quilt in January, 1996. I sewed the first 3 months-worth of patterns, but had trouble with my sewing machine and ended up boxing the pattern and fabrics up, and as each months' pattern would arrive, I would simply tuck it into the box with the rest of the project.

In late 1999, I decided to dig the project out again and started to quickly work through the instructions.

However, trouble soon began. First I ran out of the border fabric, but not before I'd sewn nearly all of the border triangles into place. I could not find more of this fabric, and ended up having to rip all of the border out and start over.

After the border (with a new fabric) was in place, I realized I'd mis-aligned a corner and edge block, and had to rip out several seams and re-sew the blocks. When I stepped back to check my work, I saw that I'd flipped one of the newly re-sewn blocks 180-degrees and once again had to rip several seams and re-sew.

The quilt ended up with the affectionate name of "The Demon Quilt". But eventually it ended up completed, and I had Michelle Mancl of Cottage Grove, Minnesota, do the machine-quilting.

The quilt had originally been planned for use in Laura's bedroom, which at the time was pink and green. However, her room is now blue and dolphin-themed, so I had no use for this quilt, and it sat stored in a closet for many months. I gave this quilt to a friend of mine, for his daughter to use in her bedroom.