Jamie's Bunk Bed Quilts

For Christmas 2001, two quilts were made for my niece Jamie's bunk-bed.  The top bunk is a twin, the bottom is a double.

I took Jamie to the store, and she picked out the fabrics that she liked, then she watched while I cut them up and started to assemble the quilts. 

This is the quilt for her top bunk, the twin.


And here is the quilt for the bottom bunk.

And finally, with some of the extra fabric, I made little pillows to go with her quilts.

Here are the backings to the quilts.  These are the two fabrics she spent the most time picking out.  She really REALLY liked the cloud fabric, which I think is on the back to the top-bunk quilt.  The blue and purple and green floral was more my influence.