I built this quilt over the course of about a weeks' time. It started with a class taught by Maxine Rosenthal, who developed the technique for creating this particular kaleidoscopic pattern.

It was so much fun to see each individual kaleidoscope as they were sewn together, then attached to each other.

The original fabric that I started with is below. Yes, all of the area inside the yellow border was created from the one fabric!

Due to the large number of blocks to assembled into the final design for the quilt, I stuck all of the individual blocks to my design wall, took a photo, printed the photo, cut it apart into the individual blocks, then played with these pieces of paper until I had a general design that I was happy with.

I had so much fun making this quilt, that I've recently bought another large-print fabric and plan to make another one!

Maxine has a book out called "One Block Wonders" and this quilt is featured in the student gallery! I'm excited to have been invited to be a part of her book.

Here is the front cover of Maxine's book.

And here is the back cover of the book.

The quilt is the one in the lower right corner.


And, here is the page in the book with the quilt.

Despite several communications with the publisher, they made two mistakes on this page.

The title of the quilt is KaleidoFlower, no Kaleioflower.

Also, it was machine quilted by Carol Orcutt of Bloomington, Minnesota.

Another big surprise was that the publisher chose the quilt to adorn the front cover of their catalog!