Laura's Florida Quilt

This quilt was a great deal of fun to work on.  For several years, when Laura and I would go to Florida, we would pick up Florida-related fabrics, usually involving dolphins of some sort.

I also used the photo-transfer technique to put many photos of our trips onto fabric, and incorporated them into the quilt.

Due to the wide variety of fabrics we picked up, I was at quite a loss as to how to pull them all together into something attractive.

My husband found the kelp-looking fabric that I used for the border.  When we found that fabric, it gave me the inspiration to stop stalling and to actually work on the quilt.

Instead of trying to make all of the many fabrics come together on the top of the quilt, I made a pieced back that makes this quilt reversible, should Laura prefer to see all of the fabrics she had selected.  


This photo shows the quilt back and all the dolphin fabrics.

The quilt was machine-quilted by Michelle Mancl of Cottage Grove, Minnesota.  Throughout the kelp-border fabric are quilted sea-motifs such as star fish, sea horses, fish of various shapes and dolphins.  In the raspberry-colored border that lies on the edge of the mattress are quilted in the words "Laura's Florida Quilt", "Magic Kingdom, Florida Keys, Atlantic Ocean", "Laura, Age 10, 2000", and "Clearwater Beach, Sea World, Florida".  In the green block near the pillow-area are the words "I Love Dolphins".