My First Fairie Quilt - Nebulana Dreaming

A friend introduced me to a Yahoo! group called the "FairieGoddessMothers" who make Fairie quilts using patterns developed by Linda M. Poole.

This quilt is now part of a national touring exhibit of other Fairies, sponsored by designer Linda M. Poole, that will tour the country throughout 2006 and 2007.


Each member creates a quilt with the selected pattern, then writes a story to accompany the quilt. Her story is below:

Nebulana Dreaming

Nebulana is a teenaged Fairie, and tends to float away into her own little world at will, often at those very moments when the adult Fairies wish for her to be learning about her future responsibilities.

While in a class meant to teach her about stewardship of the world assigned to her, she found her imagination taking her away into a flight of fancy.

So, as her teacher droned on about the ancient, time-honored tradition of her bloodlines; of how each of her ancestors, from time immemorial, at the moment of their induction into adulthood, were assigned a celestial world to caretake; of how it was essential for her to understand the limits of intervention and the weight of responsibility… her ears started to not hear any longer as her thoughts transported her out of the classroom.

She was delighted to find herself looking through windows into the most wondrously beautiful visions of stars, galaxies, and, her favorite, nebulas. Her mother had named her Nebulana after the beautiful gaseous clouds, ethereal collections of color and movement and grace.

She hoped that upon her graduation she would be assigned to a nebula, where she could dance among the clouds of blue and green, pink and purple, to dream her dreams, and frolic to her hearts content. She knew she was expected to take on responsibilities, but she felt she was already prepared and didn’t want to have to listen to her teachers babble on and on and on and on.

But suddenly she felt herself falling out of her flight, and with a jolt of confusion she found herself looking at her frustrated teacher, telling her that she’ll never be trusted to the position of her birthright if she didn’t pay attention! She sighed and tried desperately to pay attention. But it was only moments before she floated back again to her beautiful vision.