Rhapsody in Purple

This quilt is based on the book "Heart of Roses" by C. Jean Horst.  

It is completely hand-appliqued and hand-quilted.

I worked on this quilt sporadically starting in mid-1997.  The hand quilting was done between July, 1999 and February, 2000.

This was a wonderful project to work on, and I am thrilled with the results.  

This picture was taken at the Minnesota Quilters Annual Show in Rochester, MN in June, 2000.  The ribbon on the left is a Viewers Choice award, and the ribbon on the right is the Guards Choice.

Below are additional photos.  My friend Judy also made a bedside table lamp using the flower patterns, to go in the room with the quilt.

This photo is also at the Minnesota Quilters Show.

This photo was taken at the
Quilt Dreamers Annual Bag Lady Quilt Show, in March, 2000.

And finally, this photo and the one below show the quilt on display at the Minnesota State Fair in August, 2000, where it won a First Place/Blue Ribbon.

Below are some detail photos of the quilting.