State Flower Quilt

This quilt has a wonderful story to it.

The blocks were embroidered by Ray's grandmother, Alice May Kingrea (see photo below) sometime during the 1970's. The blocks were sent to me and I tried to figure out how to turn them into a quilt.

I went to a quilt show in Hopkins, Minnesota with some friends, and there on the wall was a state flower quilt laid out in a similar fashion to this one, and I knew what I would do.

First thing i did was find the smallest block, then cut all of the 50 blocks to be the same size. Then I laid the blocks out in the order that each state entered the Union. Alaska and Hawaii were placed in the two lower corners, to hang over the edge of the bed.

The outer border fabric is the "Virginia State Flower" fabric (Dogwood). The sashing and setting square colors were chosen from colors within the dogwood fabric.

Detail of the quilting:

On the day that I finished the top, Mrs. Kingrea (in photo) passed away so never saw her blocks assembled into a quilt. I spent the next two years hand quilting the project (off and on), until it was finally finished and presented to Mrs. Kingrea's daughter, Barbara Joyce Wilson, for Christmas 2004.