Wyoming Stars

This quilt took me over a year to do. It started with the border fabric, a beautiful blue with fern-like sprigs in other shades of blue. The block is "Wyoming" from the 50 Fabulous Stars book.

I worked off and on to produce the individual blocks. Each 12-inch block had 72 individual pieces of fabric, so it was a bit tedious. So, I'd work on it for a few days then set it aside for months.

One day I decided it was time to get the quilt done, and I worked on it very consistently for about 3 weeks, and managed to get the entire top completed.

As it had taken so long to complete, I hung the quilt top over the railing in the foyer so that I could admire it as I walked around the house. It stayed there for about two weeks.

Then one night I decided it had been there long enough, and folded it up and put it in the closet of the guest room.

That night we had our house fire. This beautiful top, with that bright white fabric, was safe as can be in the closet of the guest room! In 2004 the top was machine quilted by Carol Orcutt of Bloomington, Minnesota.