Driving Trip To Pasadena, California (and back)
December 26, 2006 - January 6, 2007
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Since we had to be in our parking lot by 6:00am and were worried about traffic, we got there REALLY early - 5:45am - so were at the stands early, too.

It was interesting to watch all the people, and the media set-up.

We were only about a block from the beginning of the parade, which starts around the corner to the left on this photo.

Pasadena is a beautiful city.

The Stealth Bomber did a fly-over during the parade.

I purposefully did NOT take a close-up, because I wanted to actually see it fly over. After a bad experience trying to photograph the Space Shuttle land (I missed the whole landing while trying to find a fast-flying aircraft in a camera lense) I decided specifically to keep my camera in my lap and simply experience the fly-over.

This photo was taken during one of the "practice runs" it made prior to the beginning of the parade.

The actual fly-over was a breath-taking experience. A high-point for the trip!

Of course the whole reason for the trip was the band marching in the Tournament of Roses parade.

In this picture, Laura is the person closest to the camera in the second-to-the-last row of the band.

Many more photos of the band during the parade and the associated Band Fest are available on the band's website, under Photo Galleries

Band Website:

The incredible "sea of humanity" walking down Colorado Boulevard immediately following the parade.

And I thought Times Square on a Saturday night during holiday shopping season was bad!

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