Virginia 2002
August 2002 
- Page Six

We took a day and went to Appomattox Courthouse, where General Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to General Ulysses S. Grant. I've long been fascinated by the Civil War, but had only been to a minor skirmish site before, never a major war site.

On this and the next several pages are photographs of this incredibly beautiful little town and the places that were significant for the war.

Here, on the rise of land behind the fence, was General Grant's headquarters when he sent a message to General Lee asking for a meeting.

More views of the field to the right of this photo, where Union troops were camped.


View 1
View 2

About a quarter mile farther down the road was another view, this time looking down upon the little village of Appomattox Courthouse, barely visible among the trees at the far end of this picture.

The area between the two fence-lines on the left of the photo line the road that the troops walked upon as the war came to an end.  Laura and I walked the same path.

A view down the fence line towards the village. The road is a little more visible on the left side of the picture.
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